What are solar panels?

A solar panel does EL namely power. One can make his solar panel (photovoltaic) system exactly as big as you want!

Up to 6 KW utility must buy the excess electricity production from solar panel installation at a price equivalent to 1-1!

This means that you are using the public network as a "battery."

Well More A / S market at all times absolute lowest retail price of solar panels (photovoltaic)!
This, and the minimum 85% output of solar panels after 25 years! Well do More A / S to the obvious choice when you want to have installed a solar panel works! "

It's amazing to look at his electric meter and note that it runs backwards!
So you can enjoy its light and its heat with a clear conscience!
Solar panels, also called solar collectors, are one of the best ways of using solar energy, which is a completely pure and natural source of energy. Solar panels capture the sun's rays and convert them into thermal energy, which is the form of energy that creates heat.

The heat is then used to provide a building with hot water throughout the summer where the sun delivers enough energy that it can be done.

Want to protect the environment for waste and pollution, while simultaneously saving money, solar panels are the right choice for you. Even on an overcast day working your solar panels for you and you can safely use your hot water in the certainty that you are making an effort to relieve the environment.

If you use your solar panels and through solar energy burden you do not own natural resources. Solar energy is renewable energy that cannot consume, forget the bad conscience and enjoy a hot bath water.

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