Tuesday, May 18, 2010


1) Find 100% relevant forums for every client with country or our clients business area.

2) Post just like organic thread (1st day Question and after a day Reply with your signature link)

3) Post and waiting for Approved after that we will send to our client

4) Use always PR0 to PR 8 forums in this service.

5) We do not post more then 10 links in a day because Google thinks it is real not spamming.

6) Provide Reports in high and Rich format

7) We guarantee to never spam forums and follow all Google Guidelines.

8) Your links will come from pages with only 5-15 outbound links!

9) We guarantee your links will only come from indexed, high quality forums.

10) We guarantee your link building campaign will look absolutely natural for Google.

11) We are giving warranty your links not broken till 10 months of creation… (We have prove our links are live within 2 years)

12) We only charge $0.75 Par forum Signature link